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 LKM Creative is a team of broadly experienced copywriters, helping businesses grow all around the world - from our humble headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Our Story

LKM (short for Lauren Kirsty Meikle) started when founder, Lauren, wanted to use her writing skills to make a difference for businesses far and wide - especially small teams in need of affordable copywriting to tell their story and increase online conversions.


As LKM Creative started to grow, Lauren could no longer work alone. And so, her husband, Shaun Gouws, took the reins as Producer and head of client communication. LKM's growth and popularity didn't slow down, and today, we are a humble 5-member team of creative minds who are passionate about telling stories.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we provide professional copywriting services for small-large businesses all over the world, from tiny start-ups to thriving Fortune 500s. From Honda to Emirates to the revolutionary quirky product ideas emerging every day, we do it all - and we can do it for you too.

How Can We Help?

  • Websites

  • Mailers

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Brochures + Pamphlets

  • In-Store Signage

  • Coupon and Voucher Copy

  • And More!

Meet The Team

  • Lauren Gouws
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    Founder, Creative Director, Copywriter.

    10 years. 13,000 clients. But numbers aren't what granted Lauren success. A mathematician by no means, Lauren is a passionate wordsmith and Entrepreneur cover girl. Coupled with caffeine and a good night's sleep, her writing has been known to help businesses of all shapes and sizes increase their traffic online and off. When she's not working, Lauren can be found watching Friends, spending time with her husband and daughter, or enjoying a good glass of vino.

  • Shaun Gouws
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    Producer, Head of Client Communication.

    Your first point of communication, Shaun is an experienced industry producer who runs a tight ship at LKM. After years of experience producing countless TV commercials for big agencies and international brands, Shaun built LKM with Lauren to change the way companies commission copy. When he's not working, Shaun can be found restoring antiques and adding to his collection of 300+ old telephones and counting.

  • Inge Stols
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    Whether she's unapologetically and endlessly talking, or incessantly typing on her computer - Inge spends her days expressing herself through creativity. She lives herself into every piece of writing, allowing her to understand even the most complicated or lighthearted of topics. When she's not writing, Inge spends her time raising a startlingly similar version of herself.

  • Zanna Linde
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    Zanna is a copywriter by day and asleep at night. She’s written for famous automotive brands like BMW and MINI and is an avid reader. When she’s not hiking in the mountains, you can find her fuelling her caffeine addiction at the nearest coffee shop.

  • Warrick Bews
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    Producer + Copywriter.

    Constantly chasing the next version of himself, Warrick is passionate about learning and growing. With the wonder he finds in what words can achieve when amassed, Warrick spends his days rearranging the sentences in his head - translating them into stories on the page.

Dioné has suffered all her life from the curse of having to ask “why”. Her insatiable curiosity saw her traveling the world to study, only to return to South Africa - because “there’s no place like home”. When she’s not honing her copywriting skills, Dioné is sharpening her intellect and wit via intense political clashes on Twitter.

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